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Building on 15 years of technical development and project management MadisonIT specializes in web based data systems and digital media management. MadisonIT offers a range of services for organizations looking to develop web based applications, research instruments, and data management systems.

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Responsive design
Building sites for devices and desktops is a must in today's mobile business environment. Make sure your site is seen by everyone on everything.
Media Management
MadisonIT has has built media serving and management platforms for over a decade. Our media systems, like KLYPT.COM, have been used by thousands.
We can work with you to develop a scope and a timeline for your project that is manageable. All projects require unique input from our clients, contact us to start the planning phase.
Self Manage
The ability manage your own site or system may be important. Building management tools that fit your needs can save you in your day to day updates.
Simple Needs? Sure!
Many projects can get a head start by using existing templates. Small modifications to prebuilt systems may fit your needs.
Aim to win
Tailoring your web solution to your specific needs will make your web presence a success story. Let MadisonIT get you there.


Media Research and Monitoring

Looking for a turn-key solution to analyze, archive and tag video for web based retrieval and statistical review?

Klypt is a web-based media research application. It is versatile, convenient, and secure, ensuring project accuracy, and manageability.

is the most comprehensive all-in-one (video, audio, print), web-based media monitoring and research application available.

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We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy, we want you think about how numbers, symbols and bullet points will look.